How to Become a Godfather and Mob Boss in BitLife + Survival Guide (2023)

bitlifeis a complete game for iOS and Android platforms that lets you be whatever you want, for better or for worse. You can be an upstanding citizen with a solid career, or you can spend the rest of your life being a thief and committing crimes.

How to become a godfather and mafia boss in Bitlife?

However, now for the first time you can be a thief and commit crimes and have a solid career focused precisely on these acts. Now you can be a mafia member with this.Bitlife-MafiaUpdate.

To join the mafia, you must first be at least 18 years old; However, you can start preparing for your mafia career long before you turn 18. Start committing crimes as soon as possible; The longer your criminal history is, the more likely it is that if you try to join one of the mafias, you will also be drawn into their ranks.

Bank robberies are some of the best crimes to boost your criminal reputation. Pickpocketing is another serious crime that can start when you are a child and continue into your teens.

You should also try to stay out of jail because the more you get caught and jailed the longer you can commit crimes. However, if you are arrested, you can always try to escape, giving yourself time to commit more crimes.

After you graduate high school and turn 18, you can join one of six crime families. You can join the mafia, russian mafia, irish mafia, triad, yakuza or latin mafia.

After joining a crime family, you start out as a low-level associate with a low rank and have to work your way up through the ranks. It means you continue your criminal life. Work harder at your job and keep committing crimes and your reputation will increase leading to promotions.

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They can be promoted to soldier, captain, deputy chief and chief. Boss is currently the highest rank in the mob, no matter which crime family you choose to join. Since you are the boss, you have the money and the power.

To increase your chances of promotion, it is better not to ask for a promotion, but to emphasize your work to the boss. Also, you get 100% of what you earn from each boss contract. You might not make a lot of money this way, but you'll get promoted sooner, and once you get promoted, that's where the real money comes into play.

This is how they implement you in Bitlife

If you are looking for a jobbitlife, you must first join the army through the Jobs tab; After that, deployments will be random after pressing age button.

But before joining the military, we suggest having decent health, athletic ability and high discipline; This is to make it easier to get promotions. Once you have levels in all three stats, you can join the army at any time.

After joining the army you will be deployed, and when that happens you have to play a small minigame similar to Minesweeper. So here's how to complete itbitlifeDeployment minigame and what you need to do.

How to Survive Deployment on Bitlife

Firstly, your first move when playing the minigame is always random. You can hit a mine and there's nothing you can do about it. I usually start with one of the corner tiles, hoping to open up a larger set of squares. You just need to hit random squares until you determine exactly where a mine will be. You'll see some numbers now, but what do they mean...

The following is just an example of one game, not all games are created equal! You should learn almost everything you need to know by watching a full game.

(Video) How to Became a Mafia Godfather in Bitlife! - how to become the boss leader of a gang in bitlife!

This is how you would complete a full deployment game. Due to the size of the board, it can sometimes be a little more difficult. This seems to have been decided at random, and not much has changed other than adding more mines.

What does Karma do in Bitlife and how to increase it

Karma is a stat that can increase and decrease based on the actions you take in the game, while bad actions decrease it and good actions increase it. In addition, your karma level also helps you live longer and survive bad events such as illness.

A high level of karma is also extremely helpful when trying to complete some of the retirement achievements that require longevity. Here is a list of the types of actions that can decrease and increase your karma.bitlife.

Actions that increase Karma in Bitlife

Be a good person in general and choose the best and cutest options in the different events of thebitlifeit's enough to keep your karma high, but here are some examples of actions you should take to keep your karma high.

  • Service in your country's armed forces.
  • Save the characters' lives.
  • Help people, friends and loved ones.
  • donate relics
  • Apologize when you offended someone.
  • give gifts to people.
  • help the homeless.
  • congratulate people.
  • Activities for the mind and body.
  • Call the police if you see a crime.
  • This includes when you see friends breaking the law.
  • Actions that will lessen karmabitlife

In short, any action that could be considered bad decreases your karma.bitlife, so here are some examples of actions to avoid to keep your karma high.

  • insult people and argue with them.
  • commit bodily harm.
  • commit crimes and go to jail.
  • skip funerals
  • Don't save lives at events.
  • lovers betray
  • using drugs.
  • Knowingly transmitting a sexually transmitted disease to another person.

Is BitLife not suitable for 12 year olds?

BitLife is a text-based life simulator that uses realism to live a different life. Beware parents, this game has some dangers. ... You can set parental controls for the game, and it's easy to turn off violence. I would say this game is suitable for ten to eleven year olds, depending on your child's maturity.

What ages is BitLife suitable for?

It is suitable for ages 17+, but the BitLife app is very popular with younger users. The Smart Social team wants parents to be aware that gamers are exposed to many mature ideas such as sex, drugs and violence.

Is there a PC version of BitLife?

BitLife - Life Simulator is a simulation game developed by Candywriter, LLC. BlueStacks App Player is the best platform to play this Android game on your PC or Mac and get immersive gaming experience. Download BitLife - Life Simulator on PC to live the life you really want before you die.

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How can I play BitLife for free? is the ultimate platform for free no download online games. Just click the Play button in browser and start playing BitLife in browser right away.

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