Insanity Clicker – Instructions – (2023)

Article updated on 08/01/2021

Insanity Clicker is a typical clicker game. You can fight your way through hordes of monsters and progress through the levels. In this guide, I'll show you how Insanity Clicker works and give you tips on how to progress effectively.

  • introduce
  • Capability
  • equipment
  • sin
  • amnesia
  • best past
  • From tree robots to spiders
  • pet upgrade
  • Illness
  • Standby Modus
  • Use auto click
  • crystal and shop


After starting the game you can start attacking the first monsters. The current click damage can be seen in the left menu under "Blade damage". For each monster you defeat, you get Teeth (Teeth), the in-game currency. With these teeth you can buy and upgrade your minions, companions that increase damage and unlock abilities.

At the beginning you only have the bat available, which increases your damage per level. After collecting 49 teeth, you can recruit "Cobra", the first pet that deals DPS (damage per second). This also deals damage to monsters if you don't click. Later in the game you have to decide which of the two game variants you like and press: active typing or rest mode. Later more!

Insanity Clicker – Instructions – (1)

The first boss in Insanity Clicker

You must defeat 10 enemies in each level to unlock the next level. Then every 5 levels there is a boss that you have to complete within 30 seconds to unlock the next level.

TIP: Enable "Auto-Progress" (the icon at the top right of the settings)! Once unlocked, you can then go directly to the next level. If you fail a level, the game will jump to the previous level and automatically disable auto-progress.

As you progress, your opponents will become more difficult. So you have to constantly recruit and improve animals. Many advanced features will be added later, all with one goal: take it to the next level!


Skills are abilities that you can use in the next combat level. They are unlocked with pets and can be started using the 1-9 keys. Here is the list of skills:

Insanity Clicker – Instructions – (3)Fledermauslevel 25Automatically click 10 times per second for 30 seconds10 m
Insanity Clicker – Instructions – (4)Skorpion Level 75Damage per second increased by 100% for 30 seconds10 m
Insanity Clicker – Instructions – (5)Flea level 100Critical hit chance increased by 50% for 30 seconds30 m
Insanity Clicker – Instructions – (6)Flounder Article 100You have 100% more teeth for 30 seconds30 m
Insanity Clicker – Instructions – (7)Deathfang Lv. 1001% (0.1% for bosses) minion teeth per click1 hour
Insanity Clicker – Instructions – (8)Qualle Level 755% increased DPS until next respawn8 hours
Insanity Clicker – Instructions – (9)Observer level 100DPS increased by 200%1 hour
Insanity Clicker – Instructions – (10)Pilzstufe 100The effect of the next skill is doubled1 hour
Insanity Clicker – Instructions – (11)Cremestufe 100Last skill cooldown is reduced by 1 hour1 hour

To use skills effectively you need good skill rotation, specific skill sequences that you can use over and over again.

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 9, 8, 7, 5 again in 30 seconds!

If your cooldown is still active, you can always use 1,2 or 1,2,3,4 until the long CD completes and you can use the long cycle again.

To get the most out of your skills, use an automatic clicker likeAuto-Clicker GS) recommend.


From level 101 you will receive random gear that you can equip to your character. That you get a share is purely coincidental. You can also get multiple pieces of equipment in a row. You can wear 8 different pieces of equipment such as hats, boots and masks.

Thanks to the equipment, you can get additional rewards. The amount of each bonus depends on the level of the item. The higher the level, the higher the bonus. The tier of the item corresponds to the tier at which you receive the part.

Each device has one of 6 quality levels that can be differentiated by color. Gray is the lowest quality and purple is the highest. Each quality level increases your equipment with additional bonuses. Hover your mouse over the gear image to view additional rewards.

There are also more parts (10-500) for higher quality after disassembly. With the collected shards you can reforge your equipment. This will reassign the item's stats. In addition, the quality level can be increased or even decreased with a very low probability.

Below you will find an overview of the possible bonuses. Sometimes, hovering over the gear image will show you more rewards. Some work, some don't, and some don't work at all. We don't have to wait for new updates here yet! Amount applies to item levels 101-199! Starting at item level 201 and increasing every 200 item levels!

  • Click damage increased by 40%.
  • Increased 4% damage bonus for pet upgrades
  • Increases the duration of Insane Rage by 4 seconds.
  • The duration of the debuff skill has been increased by 4 seconds.
  • Increased the duration of the Tooth Rapper skill by 4 seconds.
  • After amnesia, the starting level increases by +1
  • 50% more teeth at idle
  • Idle damage increased by 50%
  • The chance of getting a chest increases by 20%.
  • Enlarges teeth by 60% with Teeth Tapper
  • 100% higher chance that the boss will encounter evil
  • 100% increase in the number of breast teeth
  • Critical hit damage increased by 30%.
  • 0.2% chance of getting 10 teeth
  • Increased chest health by 100% while Tooth Rapper is active


From level 100 you can get sins from any boss. They are extremely important for further progress. Each Sin gets a 10% DPS bonus, and Sins can also be used to enhance Diseases for even bigger bonuses.

Level 100 bosses only give you 1 sin at first, but the further you progress, the more sins you get from the boss. For example, at level 445 you get up to 32 sins.

Collected sins are only recorded in your sin account after your full respawn ("amnesia"). Then you start at level 1 but get a Sin that gives you a DPS bonus. As a result, you will gradually get further and faster.

Gain 1 sin for every 2000 pet levels (all pets combined), excluding boss sins. They are very important early in the game as they are the main source of income for Original Sin. Later, when you commit thousands of crimes with your boss, that becomes a side issue.


Amnesia is the reincarnation of Insanity Clicker, unlocked at level 101. The idea is to collect as many sins as possible and trigger amnesia when further progress falters.

After the amnesia you start again at level 1, however the accumulated sins will be credited to you. Thanks to the DPS bonus, you can now reach the last reached level faster and level up. Then another amnesia sets in, and much faster.

Example: On your first turn, you collect 10 Sins and Amnesia. Now you start with a DPS bonus of 100% (10x 10%). Now you always deal 100% more damage by default. Of course you will reach your destination faster. In the second round you can collect 15 sins. After another amnesia you have 25 sins, which corresponds to a DPS bonus of 250%.

best past

Basically you need to recruit and level up all the minions. At higher levels you get stuck for a while as the nearest pet is almost infinitely far away. It is then transferred to existing animals. From level 200, every pet gets a 400% DPS boost every 25 levels, allowing even the smallest pets to jump right to the top. For every 1000 levels, the damage per second increases by 10 times.

However, since not all animals are equally efficient, here are the top 4 animals in descending order:

  • Cobra
  • Scorpio
  • Sonnentau
  • clown treasure chest

In terms of value for money, cobras are the most effective pets. Here your teeth get the highest DPS ever.

From tree robots to spiders

After recruiting a Dendroid, you're desperate to find your next pet: Spiders require 10,000 U-Teeth, an impenetrable wall that would take thousands of years to repair normally.

Don't worry, it's not a bug! As with all popular clickers, Insanity Clicker requires you to use the reincarnation "Amnesia" (see "Amnesia" above for more information).

The way to Spider is as follows:

  1. Raise the Denroid level to 125
  2. Gradually upgrade Cobra, Scorpion, Sundew, and Clown chests to 1000, 1025, 1050, etc.
  3. Standing still for too long always leads to amnesia
  4. Recruit Spider

You can also use this order for pets after spiders. The only difference is that you aim for higher levels and it takes longer.

pet upgrade

Pet upgrades improve your pets. From level 100, each newly defeated boss levels up randomly (every 10 levels). Each level increases the damage of each pet by 50%, which becomes extremely important later in the game.

Insanity Clicker – Instructions – (13)In the upgrade menu (click on the skull on the right) you can use crystals (shop currency) to buy new upgrades or gift existing upgrades to other pets. With + you can add power-ups and then randomly count them elsewhere. It will cost you 80 sins each time. You can also remove an upgrade with the minus sign (-) and the upgrade will then be randomly reassigned. While it only requires three sins, it takes control away from you.

The goal is to provide all upgrades to important pets based on level progress. For example, the Cobra is effective at 1000. You'll use these later to push the super spider pet.


Disease is another way to get bonuses. Once you collect the first sins, you can turn them into various diseases. Depending on how you play, you'll need different ailments, as idle players need different ailments than active clickers.

Insanity Clicker – Instructions – (14)But there are also some diseases that are important for all players. For example

  • Onomania: more teeth in the chest
  • Autophobia: Reduced pet recruitment costs
  • Delirium: Increased chest chance
  • Agoraphobia: Reduced number of monsters per level (to 5)
  • Death Phobia: More time to kill bosses
  • Delerium Tremens: Increased boss crime chance

Since the first tier of each disease is free, it's worth getting everyone to tier 1 and then finding the right ones based on your playstyle and gradually increasing them. The general rule is: keep 80% of the sins in a round and invest the rest in diseases.

Tip: Focus on your chest early on. They can quickly grow thousands of times more teeth than the average racquet.

Standby Modus

Rest mode is activated automatically if you have not clicked any monsters or skills for 60 seconds. Then show the sleep mode for DPS. Idle Mode is a special way of playing that requires no clicking (and sometimes no skill at all). Activating an ability or double-clicking a creature (excuse the game once) will take you out of sleep mode.

Special equipment and diseases are available for idle players, which, for example, significantly increase Zahn's production and idle damage.

So-called idle builds are perfect for gamers who like to run Insanity Clicker and work on other things at the same time. The opposite is a click build that focuses on skill optimization, click damage, and critical hits.

Use auto click

Insanity Clicker does not prohibit the use of automatic clickers. Instead, there is a performance of 35 hits per second. As you can imagine, automatic clicks only make sense in combination with click builds. Inactive players cannot use it.

A good clicker isAuto-Clicker GS!

crystal and shop

Like any free game, Insanity Clicker has an in-game store. There you will find many benefits of crystals. You can choose between extra teeth, double damage, 3 pieces of equipment, instant amnesia and 3 random pet upgrades.

Insanity Clicker – Instructions – (15)The best are Double Damage and Instant Upgrade. Buy 2x Double Damage and then buy Sins. How much you can win depends on your progress. For each boss you defeat you will get more Sins and 200 Crystals.

If you don't want to spend a penny on Insanity Clicker, you can also collect crystals for free in the game. Suitcases will appear on the screen from time to time. Click on a suitcase to get 0-3 crystals. By the way, touching the suitcase does not end the idle mode!

Do you like that Insanity Clicker supports developers by buying crystals? Game development costs are high!


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