Revamped Beast Tamer Rework Recommendations! (2023)

After reading reviews from other Beast Tamer players and hearing other concerns, I decided to check out the list I showed you a few weeks ago, this one:

I practically add Knockdown Immunity for the duration of Table Flip execution, add % normal monster damage applicable only to Defensive Formation, and add Node enabled to Defensive Formation. More importantly, for Beast Tamer players who have read the Google translated April Maple Conference (Korea) document, we need to mention the future of +All Skills Level fonts. A conversation takes place between users, creatives and Wonki.
The fact that Beast Tamer is the only class that doesn't max out all of its abilities, and that it doesn't exist in KoreanMS, there's a chance the potential won't be available in the near future. Therefore, I recommend changing the master level of all skills so that each beast mode can max out all skills with only 145-150 SP from each of the currently used 593 SP. I also posted all skills at the end of your new mastery level. Lv5 or 10 as max level. Even Lv1 on certain Hawk skills.

For players who want to read this list on my google.doc, follow the link:

(Video) Beast Tamer 'Revamp' (Maple Memo 5-29)

Or read below:

New list of beast tamer renovation ideas and unused recommendations from previous ideas list:

With Neo Patch coming soon, there is no need to change the number of recommended lines from the list of ideas above too much. And some of these changes were applied in the patch after the Awake events ended. The biggest changes listed, aside from some skill buffs, are mostly to fix the SP distribution issue listed in bold in the first section below, a major overhaul of Champ Charge, the expansion of the pool of enhanced skill nodes, to add the missing boosted skill node (linked node section) and add any missing skills like Maple Alliance, Echo etc.

Beginner's Guide and Game Improvement:
1- Get the quest to get Maple Alliance skill (Lv75+)
2- Allowing certain master level skills to be surpassed with battle order/decent battle order/+1 passive skill level built in skill, nothing more???
3-Give Beast Tamer Echo Skill once Lv200 like any other class
4-Add Abnormal Status Immunity for 3 seconds after using the Bestial Resolve skill description
5-****Remove the SP requirement of every Beast Tamer skill and adjust all skill masteries to Lv5 and Lv10 to max all 4 beasts. The level requirement can be kept so that a particular tier doesn't max out too quickly! Change the entire master level to only apply 145-150 SP to each animal so we can complete each skill. .
6- *One of the biggest changes* That the bear and falcon raid buffs are kept while changing the animals to be more fair, otherwise there is no point in changing the cat mode meow card buff to another transfer animal.

- Attack speed from level 2 to level 1 does not affect Furious Strike's attack speed, but it does from level 1 to level 0 (I actually submitted a bug report ticket to Nexon with a video I uploaded).Revamped Beast Tamer Rework Recommendations! (1)
- All together! creature crossing! Hyper does not save death when using Buff Frieza or equipped with Battle-Roid.
- Purr Zone kills certain unkillable enemies including Blue Balls in the second phase of Normal/Hard Damien, Lucid's Flower in phase 1 in any Lucid mode, etc.
-The Thunder Dash skill is replaced with Advanced Thunder Dash, but the skill's cooldown time is not displayed in the quickslot after using it. Removing Advanced Thunder Dash is not affected by Thunder Dash enabled nodes.Revamped Beast Tamer Rework Recommendations! (2)
- Fixed the issue where at a certain percentage of damage in the character's stats, the Veteran formation incorrectly increased the formation's attack damage (and possibly the defensive formation + baby bomber). This may be the case with the undulating trumpet driving the majestic trumpet, but it's harder to prove.
-If all together! creature crossing! is inactive and we're casting Majestic Trumpet in Bear Mode, Trumpet Waving % passive damage skill doesn't apply when we're on another tier.
- If multiple Majestic Trumpet fires are installed and we throw a new fire on an existing fire that doesn't go out, all other fires will disappear.
More bugs to add later if needed....

(Video) BDO Tamer Rework

-Defense from Ignorance: Passive Attack Speed: +2 > +3
-Lil Fort: Increases the summon's hitbox
- Fish Tapa: Dano: 330% > 380%
-Bear Reborn: Reduced cooldown to 1800 seconds; Resetting the cooldown no longer affects skill cooldown
Waving Trumpet: Change the Majestic Trumpet's damage percentage increase to +p% damage.
-Table Flip: Adds immunity to knockdown when casting. Cooldown: 15 seconds for all levels

snow leopard:
Macho Dance: Increases the skill hit area to make it slightly more in line with diagonal movement. Adjust your damage to be similar to Macho Slam.
-Leopard's Roar: Slightly increases distance and increases damage for some utility when commanding
-Deadly Fangs: Add a passive 20% crit rate with current liabilities as Snow Leopard mode loses too much crit rate percentage for training. There is currently no passive crit rate percentage for Leopards, so Leopard mode relies heavily on Link and Legion abilities.
-Leopard Reflex: %Ignore Enemy Defense: 60%>30%
-Party Time: The number of attacks has been increased to 15.

- Formation Attack: Increases range by 15% and number of hits from monsters: 3 > 5 (see Hyper Abilities section). If it is not possible to trade Hyper for a higher number of attacks, choose Damage: 110 > 165% or slightly increase Veteran Formation + p% damage.
-Defensive Formation: Adds 30% damage to the normal monster applied in the skill
-Regroup: Removes %Ignore Enemy Defense effect
-Baby Bomber: Number of attacks from 4 to 5
-Veteran Build: Changed %Damage Up to +p%Damage Up to fix the issue where the %Damage stat wasn't increasing damage properly and dealing less damage than it should. Increase the SP requirement gap between this skill and Razor Beak to allow more SP to be used.
- Feathered Boots: Adds % Final Damage Passive: 10%
-Tornado Flight: mentioning the number of hits. Number of Attacks: 4 > 8, Damage: 800% > 400%

-Amigo Launcher: Increased skill damage percentage from 200% to 400%, increased enemy hit count from 8 to 10, increased range to replace all Friend Launchers with Arby's new passive Hypers. Allow the ability to be used in the air.
-Meow Heal: Adds a 6 second cooldown. Set max recovery to 60-70% when smaller players are in range. Reduces cooldown by 2 seconds for each party member healed. Expands the vertical box to be able to heal members in the air.
- Purr Zone: %Critical Rate must affect the periodic damage (DoT) of the skill. Changes the skill's damage formula so that it is no longer a Summon-type skill. Periodically (every second) change healing recovery to 5% HP. Decreases skill duration from 22 seconds to 15 seconds. Increases cooldown from 15 to 60 seconds. Damage: 1000% > 600% Number of Attacks: 1>6. Make it disappear by switching modes when "All together! Creature Crossing!” is inactive
- Meow Card: Changed the skill description of Meow Card to mention that Yellow Card is Green Card. Add a new Blue Card effect, see below:
Blue Card = Adds a real defense effect for you and the party members. Grants a protective shield for 25% of Max HP
-Amigo Launcher - Improvement: Change % damage increase to +p% damage increase
-Fire Kitty: Attack number: 3>8
-Cat's Cradle Blitzkrieg: Critical Rate % must affect the periodic damage (DoT) of the skill dealt by the party members hit. Ability to add binding effect, binding duration: 10 seconds. Decreases skill duration from 12 to 10 seconds. This skill is intended to function similarly to the Ghost Trap shadow bind skill.

Hyper Ability:
- REMOVED Formation Attack: Expansion due to the additional amount of monsters in the original skill
- NEW Formation Attack: Extra Hit: Number of Attacks: +1 or whatever it takes to get close to Bear DPS, including Bear Attack but not equal, giving players the ability to command in Bird mode. If this is not possible, slightly increase the damage of Formation Attack.
- These 3 Hypers have been removed from Cat Mode: Friend Launcher - Reinforce, Friend Launcher - Spread and Friend Launcher - Range to change the normal operation of Friend Launcher. Replace them with the new Arby Hyper abilities just below.
-NEW Meow Card - Boss Rush: +20% Boss Damage to party member when Red Card is cast
-NEW Meow Card - Cooldown Cutter: -30% cooldown reduction on the Meow card
-NEW Gold Card - Chance: Increases the chance of getting a Gold Card from Meow Card by 20%
(See the Explanations and Sources section for why the Hyper skill is changing.)

(Video) Why Beast Handler's Launch Got Canceled

5. Work:
-Champion Attack: Since the August 2019 buff when so many skills were changed for a better overall DPM boost, this skill no longer deals enough damage to be comparable to Furious Strike and some other skills. I think this whole skill should be cast by holding the skill instead of tapping. It will stop when you release the skill. Offers all special attack mods the ability to provide a short buff duration for an additional burst. Slightly increase the spell animation attack speed as it takes about 6 seconds to select a special attack and then cast all attacks. Do something so that after selecting the animal, the character always faces the same direction, so we don't miss any hits.
Level 25: Add Effect: Channeling this skill reduces damage taken from enemy attacks (including attacks that deal a fixed percentage of damage) by 50%! Provides a chance for the Bear's special attack to provide a short buff duration for an additional excitement.
-Lai: -Normal Attack = Number of Attacks: 3 > 8 Damage: 750% > 1100%
-Special Attack = Number of Attacks: 6 > 10 Damage: 700% > 1200%
Selecting Lai as a special attack ignores all attacks to always use Leopard Roar and increases your number of attacks to 15 for 20 seconds. 100% chance to ignore the cooldown of Advanced Thunder Dash and Three Point Pounce.
-Strong: -Normal Attack = Attack Number: 2 > 8
-Special Attack = "First Strike" attack number: 3 > 12
"Second Strike" Attack Number: 8 > 15 Damage: 750% > 1200%
If Fort is selected as a special attack, the number of attacks of all Bear's attack skills will be doubled for 10 seconds after the last hit, can not exceed the maximum number of attacks of 15.
-Eka: -Normal Attack= Damage: 325% > 800%
-Special Attack = Number of Attacks: 10 > 12 Damage: 350% > 950%
When Eka is selected as a special attack, it has a 100% chance to bypass the cooldown on Tornado Flight and Fly for 40 seconds.
-Arby: -Normal Attack= Attack Number: 1 > 8 Damage: 1300% > 750%
-Special Attack = Number of Attacks: 4 > 8 Damage: 600% > 850%
Choosing Arby in cat mode doubles the duration of the tree buff.
Increases cooldown to 90 seconds if all of these buffs are implemented.

Powered Nodes:
-Deep Breathing: Really deep breathing is now affected, should affect both skills
- True Deep Breathing REMOVED as it is affected by Empowered Deep Breathing
-NEW majestic trumpet to replace Driven Really Deep Breath
-NEU: Fort-Tracking
-Thunder Dash: Added mention of Advanced Thunder Dash. Fixed the bug that only Thunder Trail is affected by a Boosted Node when applying at least 1 SP in Advanced Thunder Dash
-Adding the Bro Attack node or adding to an existing Snow Leopard node, ideally Party Time?
-Add a defensive formation node
-Add Purr Zone Node, let it affect Splash Hit and DoT. Combine Cat's Cradle Blitzkrieg with it

List of current topics:
The problems we are currently seeing are:
-Meow Card RNG containing a useless blue card
- Bear and Falcon buffs do not carry over to other modes, only the Meow map. Why only Meow cards?
- Play stand for cats
- The veteran formation skill passive damage increase bug so the formation attack damage is really low.
- Reliance on all skill level sources (see Explanation & Sources section)
-Champion charge

Explanations and sources:
-It just doesn't make sense to leave certain animals untouched. It would take a lot of SP to max out all FOUR animals, so the action of lowering the mastery level of most skills to Lv 5 or 10 is mandatory. Eventually the SP requirement to unlock the next skill is basically useless. However, the level requirement is mandatory, so a player will not max out a particular animal too soon. With this recommendation
-According to the translation of the April Korean Conference here: the Useless Lines on Dice etc section, the potential line +All Skill Levels was mentioned, a line considered useless for all classes. So there is a possibility that this line will be removed in KMS in the near future. Currently most players using Beast Tamer stack all skill levels from +3 to +5 and it is good if we can max out the most important skills of only 3 beasts and there is no or almost no sense in useless or certain passive attack skills .
-The reason for changing the passive hypers in Cat mode is that we want to focus on improving the support level of Cat mode.

Skill Mastery Level Changes:

(Video) I Added a BEAST HANDLER 4th Path to BTD 6!

-Clawmaster level: 20 > 10
- Majestic Trumpet Mastery Level: 20 > 10
- Well-Fed Master Level: 10 > 5
- Stupid Luck Master Level: 10 > 5
-Deep Breathing Master Level: Inalterado (10)
-Strong Tracking Mastery Level: 20 > 10
-Defense Ignorance Master Level: 15 > 10
- Furious Attack Master Level: 25 > 10
- Bear Strength Master Level: 15 > 10
-Really Deep Breathing Master Level: 20 > 10
- Lil Fort master level: 15 > 10
-Strong the Brave Master Level: 20 > 10
- Bear Steal Mastery Level: 20 > 10
-Fish Slap Master Level: 25 > 10
-Reborn Bear Master Level: 10 > 5
- Blazing Trumpet Mastery Level: 15 > 5
-Table Flip Master Level: Sin Cambios (10)
Total SP allocated with this recommended change = 150 SP

snow leopard:
-Leopard Paw Master Level: 20 > 10
-Thunder Dash Master Level: Inalterado (10)
-Leopard Skin Mastery Level: 15 > 5
Leopard Leap Mastery Level: 20 > 10
-Ruffling Cat Muscles Master Level: 15 > 10
-Macho Dance Master Level: 20 > 10
-Level of Male Slam Master: 20 > 10
- Brother Attack Master Level: 15 > 10
-Leopard Roar Master Level: 20 > 10
-Thunderpath Master Level: 15 > 5
-Male Embodied Master Level: 20 > 10
- Three-Point Jump Master Level: 20 > 10
-Advanced Thunder Dash mastery level: 20 > 5
- Deathfang Master Level: 15 > 5
- Deadly Lai Master Level: 15 > 10
-Leopard Reflexes Master: 10 > 5
-Party Time Master Level: Unchanged (10)
Total SP allocated with this recommended change: 145 SP

-Formation Attack Master Level: Unchanged (10)
- Sky Walk Master Level: Unchanged (5)
-Vertical Shot Master Level: Unchanged (10)
-Eka Express Master Level: Unchanged (10)
-Flugmeisterstufe: 30 > 1
-Hawk Flock Master Level: 15 > 10
-Maximum Mobility Master Level: 15 > 10
-Defensivtraining Master Level: 30 > 10
-On Glider Master Level: Unchanged (1)
- Feather Cloak Mastery Level: 15>10
-Rally Master Level: 10 > 1
-Raptor Claws Master Level: 15 > 10
- Baby Bomber Master Level: 30 > 10
- Mastery level from above: 15 > 10
-Veteran-Trainingsmeister-Level: 30 > 10
- Sharp Pickaxe Mastery Level: 15 > 10
- Feather Boots Master Level: 15 > 10
-Tornado Flight Master Level: Unchanged (10)
Total SP allocated with this recommended change: 148 SP

-Friend Launcher Master Level: Unchanged (10)
-Ingenious Thief Master Level: 10 > 5
- Kitty Battle Squad Master Level: 15 > 10
-Kitty Treats Meisterstufe: 15 > 5
-Master Level powered by Purrs: 10 > 5
-Sticky Paws Meisterlevel: 20 > 10
-Meow Healing Master Level: 20 > 10
-Cat Claw Mastery Level: 20 > 10
-Meow Healing Master Level: 10 > 5
- Purr Zone Master Level: 15 > 10
-Meow Card Master Level: 20 > 10
-Amigo Launcher - Improved master level: 15 > 10
-Master Mouse Perception Level: 20 > 10
- Fire Kitten! Master level: 20 > 10
- Meow Revive Master Level: 15 > 5
-Meow-Goldkarten-Master-Level: 15 > 5
-Nivel maestro de Friends of Arby: 20 > 10
-Cat's Cradle Blitzkrieg master level: sin cambios (10)
Total SP awarded with this recommended change: 150 SP


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