Wolfenstein: Youngblood Review (for PC) (2023)

Wolfenstein: Youngblood is an average gameEgo-Shooter🇧🇷 Gunplay is your standard point-and-shoot affair, with some rudimentary bonus skills and perks to liven up the running and the shooting. In fact, Youngblood is positively boring compared to Bethesda's recently released Rage 2. It's true that these games were made by completely different developers, but in a game about defeating Nazis, I was hoping to remove them. Playing Youngblood with a friend in the new co-op mode makes the game quite fun, but it's less about the action and more about who you're playing with. Overall, this incarnation of Wolfenstein is a misstep. Youngblood isn't all bad, but it's pretty disappointing compared to previous titles and other shooters.

Youngblood brings you insane Nazi supertech, including powerful weaponry and powerful strength-boosting armor, in an alternate reality set in the 80's. The gameplay is surprisingly toothless, however; Weapons are weak, stealth is dumb, and both suffer from a blunt leveling system that keeps you from exploring and taking on tougher enemies.Ira 2It had powerful firearms, a huge list of special attacks and movement techniques, and ragdoll effects so over the top you could literally smash your target into walls and ceilings.

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New kids on the block

Soph and Jess Blazkowicz are your average twins living in an America liberated after the events of the previous Wolfenstein games. The series' lead actor and the twins' father, B.J., has gone missing, and the girls decide to hijack a flight to Paris, steal an experimental power armor, and find their missing pop, despite only shooting the twins. the rabbits and hit him. the longest time, part of his youthful life. However, the twins prove to be quite skilled in combat and can kick Fascism's ass almost as well as their father several decades before them. Nearly.

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I liked that Soph and Jess are goofy, 80s-slang spewing weirdos.initially. Then I realized that this is the extent of his characterization. The plot quickly became boring and annoying as the game progressed. Worse still, there aren't any interesting characters in Youngblood, except maybe for the villains. The characters are dull and quiet, and the cast lacks personality, a far cry from the supporting characters of previous Wolfenstein games. Granted, Youngblood only costs $29.99, so it's probably easier to overlook the lack of a concise narrative given the game's focus on action and cooperative play.

Wolfenstein: Youngblood Review (for PC) (11)

Old fascism of the 80s

Set in the 1980s, Youngblood has plenty of wacky decade-focused trappings to anchor you in its Nazi sci-fi infested alternate reality. The posters and music have a distinct '80s look, and the game is packed with classic collectibles like cassettes, floppy disks, and VHS tapes, as well as Nazi rarities like German superguns and minted silver. The setting is the game's strongest asset, blending 1980s imagery with Nazi iconography to great effect.

Wolfenstein: Youngblood Review (for PC) (12)Why you should play on a PC

The game is also a semi-open world, allowing you to roam a dozen hub-connected areas of bustling Paris looking for stashes of money and weapons, or completing optional quests. There's also a small amount of backtracking, so you can return to previous zones with new weapons to gain access to secrets and new areas.

Visually, Youngblood is repetitive, making extensive use of the concrete and steel barricades, bunkers, and streets of war-torn, high-walled cities. This gives this Wolfenstein a more subdued look than previous games. Overall, the zones are fun to explore and a nice addition to the Wolfenstein formula, which I'd like to see maintained and improved in future parts of the series.

Wolfenstein: Youngblood Review (for PC) (13)

Why has it improved? Well, developers Arcane Studios and MachineGames have come up with crazy mechanics to improve gameplay, but many of the additions limit the way you play. By far the biggest culprit is Youngblood's level system. I didn't realize until after the tutorial mission that the game has a leveling system - there are messages letting you know you've leveled up early and got new perks - but honestly I assumed I had achievements in Score scores and I have paid no attention to them.

When I got to the actual town where you spend most of the game, I noticed that there was a surprisingly restrictive leveling system to keep you on a set path. Youngblood is a pseudo-open world that gives you a degree of freedom to explore and progress. The problem, however, is that the higher level areas are frustratingly difficult to complete when you're at a lower level, so there's not much you can do until you've met the level requirement. It certainly doesn't help that some of Youngblood's toughest enemies are bullet sponges, which are pretty tedious to kill even if you're at the right level. So while you could theoretically explore freely, you probably won't get very far.

(Video) Wolfenstein: Youngblood Review

If, in your infinite wisdom, you choose to go ahead and try these harder areas, your shot damage will be reduced while enemies are increased to become more powerful. To make matters worse, there's no real reward for taking on tougher enemies. games likelimits, Cairo,determination, and so on, they all reward you with loot that you can save and use, making the harder kills worth it. Not so in Youngblood; The only real purpose of the level mechanics is to lock up your progress and take you to where the mission is supposed to take you. It's frustrating to say the least, and while I can understand the thought process behind narrowing yourself down and making the twins improve and gain experience throughout the story, in practice it means you're wasting your time doing it need to kill useless Nazi soldiers until you finish the arbitrary amount of experience. necessary to avoid being crushed like a bug in the next area.

Wolfenstein: Youngblood Review (for PC) (14)

Big guns and measly shots

The leveling system also negatively affects shooting. Previous Wolfenstein games didn't have a leveling system, so every dual-wielding and combo weapon you encountered felt powerful right from the start. Upgrades and new weapons allow you to kill even faster, giving the games a great sense of energy and movement every time the action begins. update them.

However, as you gain the resources and tiers needed to upgrade your weapons, your enemies will also become stronger, so no matter how much you invest, you never feel overwhelmed. Most weapons just don't hit, so enemies die with a limp stumble instead of the explosive mule kick I was expecting. The deaths are violent and gory, sure, and you can dismember Nazi antagonists with ease, but I was really hoping for a more impactful shootout.

Stealth also suffers from the open nature of the game. It's very difficult, and in some cases absolutely impossible, to sneak past enemies and silently take them out like in previous games. Instead of creating interesting scripted encounters to challenge your stealth skills, the developers offer an early-game stealth perk that lets you run at any Nazi and give them the deal with a sharp knife in the jugular. After all, who needs a clever attitude when you can just copy and paste a bunch of enemies into a lane or room, give them an invisibility buff, and call it stealth? It feels mindlessly like the dev team wanted to introduce stealth into the game because of the previous games but couldn't figure it out due to the open area design, enemy repopulation and co-op play. It has a few uses but the mechanics could have been cut and I wouldn't have noticed it was missing.

Wolfenstein: Youngblood Review (for PC) (15)

the more the better

I suspect that many of Youngblood's problems stem from the cooperative game balance that permeates the entire game. You play as one of two sisters, and whichever you start with, your sister is an ever-present companion, fighting by your side throughout the game. Youngblood features direct multiplayer, allowing players to join your game and help you, but you can also create your own games to invite friends or play with an AI partner if you're not feeling particularly social. Online connectivity is decent for the most part, although there were occasional odd spikes in lag, resulting in jittery movement and lagging or dropped recordings altogether. The cooperative mode is useful and can be quite fun when playing with friends.

However, Youngblood doesn't hit the nail on the head in cooperative play either. Team play works, yes, but it can also be intrusive. Too often you and your partner have to open special chests, switches or doors together, which is especially annoying when your partner has strong wanderlust; even the AI ​​is to blame. Stealth situations are often impractical in co-op, and while the AI ​​partner doesn't intervene until spotted, they typically stay in sight until spotted, breaking the immersion.

computer experience

Youngblood needs yoursGaming-PCHave at least an AMD FX-8350/Ryzen 5 1400 or Intel Core i5-3570/i7-3770 CPU, 8 GB RAM, 40 GB storage and an Nvidia GeForce GTX 770 or equivalent AMD GPU to meet the minimum requirements. For optimal performance, you need a computer with at least an AMD FX-9370/Ryzen 5 1600Xor Intel Core i7-4770 CPU, 16 GB RAM and an Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060 or equivalent AMD GPU. I got solid performance from my Nvidia GTX 970 rig, with frame rates in excess of 60fps on medium settings.

like onesteamWolfenstein: Youngblood is compatible with Steam Achievements and Steam Cloud. The game also includes the controversyDenuvo Anti-Manipulations-DRM.

Red-haired stepson

Wolfenstein: Youngblood is a decent game that stretches way too far, bogging down almost every facet of its gameplay with odd choices that detract rather than enhance. The story is weak, but since Youngblood is a cooperative game, the story doesn't really take center stage. The gunplay is good, but the random leveling system makes you feel underpowered. It's easier to get into camouflage, but it's also a lot less useful and practical. Youngblood trips over itself at every step and the resulting game is rather mediocre, although with a little more forethought and planning it could have been great.

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Wolfenstein: Youngblood (for PC)


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Suggested retail price $29.99


  • solid shot.

  • Looks great and runs smooth.

  • Cooperative features add a new level of fun.

(Video) Wolfenstein: Youngblood Review

In contrast

  • The leveling system is very restrictive, limiting what you can fight.

  • The camouflage feels like an afterthought.

  • Bland characters and narrative.


Wolfenstein: Youngblood is as common as you can imagine. The Nazi kill angle and co-op functionality give the game an interesting edge, but the forced RPG mechanics and resulting limitations detract from Youngblood's size.

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Is Wolfenstein: Youngblood a full game? ›

Game Details

Though it's being sold as a standalone game, this week's Wolfenstein Youngblood makes more sense when described as an expansion pack—albeit one that doesn't require owning the last game, which might be a point in its favor.

Is Wolfenstein: Youngblood horror? ›

The gruesome horror of Nazi tactics is only lightly touched on in Wolfenstein: Youngblood. Of course, Wolfenstein: Youngblood is entirely playable in both local and online co-op, but again fails to really capitalise on the concept – in some instances rewarding those who can't coerce a friend into playing.

Will there be Wolfenstein 3? ›

This either means that Wolfenstein 3 is set for a surprise 2022 launch, or potentially in the years after 2023.

Is Wolfenstein: Youngblood open world? ›

On paper, Wolfenstein Youngblood promises the classic Nazi-shooting experience with the latest in graphics and an open-world setting. Yes, open-world in a Wolfenstein game.

Is Youngblood good Wolfenstein? ›

Wolfenstein: Youngblood is a decent game that spread itself too thin, hindering itself in almost every facet of its gameplay with odd decisions that detract, rather than elevate. The story is weak, but because Youngblood is a cooperative game, the story isn't the focus anyway.

Is Wolfenstein: Youngblood worth playing? ›

Short answer is yes if you enjoyed the previous games. Longer answer is that there are some features that are not so endearing, but I like the game: Always on coop (with ai if you don't have friends to play with). Armour types (which make certain enemies very hard to kill with the "wrong" weapons).

Can a 12 year old play Wolfenstein? ›

Cool but violent

It has a lot of blood and gore and swearing but you can skip the innapropriet scenes. I got this for my 13 year old son and he loves it. Sometimes I play it or I'll just watch home play. The swearing is very strong but if your kid is like 12 or older he should know not to reappear these words.

Is there a sniper in Wolfenstein: Youngblood? ›

The Snipers are the type of enemy variant of the Soldier in the Wolfenstein: Youngblood. They are primarily armed with a Sturmgewehr in marksman setup and wear heavy armour that resembles that of their 1960's counterpart.

Is Wolfenstein doom guy? ›

According to John Romero and Tom Hall, B.J. Blazcowitz (From Wolfenstein) is Commander Keen's Grandfather, and Doom Guy is Keen's Grandson He has also said that Blazkowicz (Doomguy) may be several generations, many years into the future (and that heroism always skips a generation in his family).

What is Germany called in Wolfenstein? ›

Nazi Germany, officially the Greater Germanic Reich or the Greater Germanic Reich of the German Nation, also known as the Third Reich and the Thousand Year Reich then later called The Fourth Reich, is the primary antagonist of the modern Wolfenstein series, an aggressive interplanetary Nazi totalitarian fascist state ...

How did blazkowicz survive the nuke? ›

Following the death of Deathshead, B.J. was significantly injured. Despite this, he survived the destruction of the compound and was rescued by the Kreisau Circle before the compound was engulfed in a nuclear explosion.

Is Wolfenstein: Youngblood playable offline? ›

An online subscription (Xbox Live, PlayStation Plus, and/or Nintendo Switch Online) is required in order to play Wolfenstein: Youngblood using the game's online features on your respective platform.

Are Wolfenstein games allowed in Germany? ›

Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory Has Been Banned in Germany.

How many missions does Wolfenstein: Youngblood have? ›

Objective of the 3 missions are the same.

Which Wolfenstein is the easiest? ›

Wolfenstein 3D
  • level 1, "Can I play, Daddy?", the easiest.
  • level 2, "Don't hurt me."
  • level 3, "Bring 'em on!", the default.
  • level 4, "I am Death incarnate!", the hardest.

Is it better to choose Wyatt or Fergus? ›

If you save Fergus, he gives you the LaserKraftWerk from the first game, an energy weapon capable of disintegrating foes and blowing down obstacles. Choose Wyatt and you'll get the DieselKraftWerk, an explosive minethrowing weapon capable of blowing up clusters of enemies and dealing heavy damage to robotic foes.

Does it matter who you choose in Wolfenstein? ›

You will have to sacrifice either the cool Scotsman Fergus or the rookie American soldier Wyatt. Put simply, your choice here dictates what kinds of upgrades you can get throughout the rest of the game, as well as which friends you can make along the way.

How long does it take to complete Wolfenstein: Youngblood? ›

Powered by IGN Wiki Guides
Main Story1769h 15m
Main + Extras19215h 18m
Completionist2729h 26m
All PlayStyles39513h 34m

Is there an end to Wolfenstein: Youngblood? ›

Youngblood ends with Grace and B.J. telling the twins they are now in charge of Nu-Paris while they travel across the globe to mobilize their allies. The twins and Abby make a plan to steal as much of Lothar and Juju's technology as they can to make them as ready for the apocalypse.

Can you pause Wolfenstein: Youngblood? ›

Finally, players that are not playing with a partner can pause the game. Wolfenstein: Youngblood is a co-op title that takes place after the events of Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus, but a Solo Mode is available for those who want to play it alone.

What Wolfenstein should I play first? ›

I would recommend you play new order first because then the story will grap onto you better :) . The Old Blood is a prequel and when Old Blood ends shortly after The New Order starts story wise.

How do I make Youngblood run better in Wolfenstein? ›

What can I do if I am having performance issues with Wolfenstein: Youngblood on Windows?
  1. Reset your video options to what was auto-detected for your graphics card.
  2. Go into the Advanced Video Options menu and lower the quality of some of the settings.
  3. Switch to a lower resolution.
  4. Change the antialiasing options.

What is the difference between Wolfenstein: Youngblood and deluxe edition? ›

What is the difference between the Standard and Deluxe editions of the game? The Standard Edition, priced at $29.99, is the game. The Deluxe Edition, priced at $39.99, includes the game, a Buddy Pass, and the Cyborg Skin Pack.

Why is Wolfenstein mature? ›

Parents need to know that Wolfenstein: The New Order is an extraordinarily violent first-person shooter intended for mature audiences. Its weapon-based combat depicts human enemies being violently torn apart by a variety of guns, leaving mutilated corpses on blood-stained ground.

Is Wolfenstein 2 for kids? ›

Blood spatter everywhere, body parts flying around and some extreme gore cut-scenes. Yeah, Wolfenstein: The New Colossus isn't for kids or faint-hearted people but for those that like brutal visuals you know that this game is for you.

Are Wolfenstein games violent? ›

I think Wolfenstein is a very interesting case study for this because it's an incredibly violent game but there's meaning behind it. Why is it when you go into the Wolfenstein games you don't tone down the violence at all? it's almost endearing in how over-the-top the violence is.

Should I get the elephant rifle? ›

Is the Elephant Rifle worth it? The Elephant Rifle is well worth it if you're planning on unlocking the many unique Garment Sets that Gus MacMillan will provide you for bringing back Legendary Animal pelts. It is the most powerful gun in the game, so it'll take down massive bears and elk in a few careful shots.

What happens if you don't shoot the dog in Wolfenstein? ›

No. Dog dies regardless. Even if you choose not to, Rip just takes the gun and shoots her. just because they even think on putting a cutscene like this in a game and wont let you have a choice i wont buy it, made me sick that the devs even thought about this scene at all, what kind of sicko`s are they even ...

How do you unlock the elephant rifle? ›

To get the elephant rifle in Red Dead Online you'll need to go to one of the game's gunsmiths, or use your catalogue by holding down left on the D-pad. The rifle itself costs $580.00 or 24 gold bars, assuming you don't have any discounts earned when buying it.

How old is Blazkowicz? ›

Wolfenstein 3D Classic

OSA super agent B.J. Blazkowicz (age 33) must escape from Castle Wolfenstein and defeat the twisted Nazi regime! This game places the events after RTCW (similar to Tides of War).

Is Blazkowicz a real name? ›

William Joseph "B.J." Blazkowicz (Polish pronunciation: [blasˈkɔvitʂ]) is a fictional character and the protagonist of the Wolfenstein series of alternate history video games starting with 1992's Wolfenstein 3D.

Is B.J. Blazkowicz a marine? ›

Original Backstory (from original Doom's manual)

Blazkowicz is a space marine, one of Earth's toughest, hardened in combat and trained for action. Three years ago (before his transfer to Mars), he assaulted a superior officer for ordering his soldiers to fire upon civilians.

Does Japan exist in Wolfenstein? ›

Unlike most other countries in the world, Imperial Japan was neither annexed nor turned into a German colony. Japan was allowed to continue existing as an independent state into the 1960s, 1980s and beyond, albeit as a German satellite state and reduced to only the Japanese Home Islands.

Is Wolfenstein a real name? ›

There are 549 census records available for the last name Wolfenstein.

Who is Deathshead based on? ›

Deathshead is primarily based on the version from RTCW (in which he is a skeptic when it comes to the paranormal), and X-Labs events which are referenced directly tough placed chronologically later in the timeline (and the supernatural aspects are ignored from that game).

Is Doom Guy B.J. Blazkowicz? ›

The co-founders of id Software, John Romero and Tom Hall, joked back and forth on Twitter today after confirming a bit of long-rumored piece of lore: Wolfenstein's BJ Blazkowicz is the grandfather of Commander Keen, and Keen himself the father of the Doom Marine, or DoomGuy.

Is blazkowicz a super soldier? ›

B.J. Blazkowicz on his new body. The Bio-engineered Super Soldier Body is the latest generation of Super Soldier body developed by Deathshead and Nazi scientists.

What does BJ stand for blazkowicz? ›

Bio. During World War II, William Joeseph "B.J." Blazkowicz was the top agent of the Office of Secret Actions (OSA), a joint American-British agency responsible for thwarting several occult research operations by the German war effort.

How long of a game is Wolfenstein: Youngblood? ›

Powered by IGN Wiki Guides
Main Story1769h 15m
Main + Extras19215h 18m
Completionist2729h 26m
All PlayStyles39513h 34m

Is Wolfenstein: Youngblood a standalone game? ›

Wolfenstein: Youngblood is a standalone sequel to Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus serving as a prelude to Wolfenstein 3. The sequel takes place 19 years after The New Colossus after the Second American Revolution liberated America from Nazi rule and into the 1980s and focuses on B.J.'s twin daughters.

Is Wolfenstein: Youngblood the end? ›

Wolfenstein: Youngblood ends with both Lothar and Julie being slain, but the Fourth Reich manages to seize power in Berlin, which will lead to a new conflict in the future.

What is the longest Wolfenstein game? ›

Despite assumptions that Wolfenstein: Youngblood is being positioned as a spin-off - it doesn't have a number on the end of the title, after all - developer MachineGames has previously stated that the game is a full-blooded sequel.

Can 2 players play Youngblood? ›

You can play Wolfenstein: Youngblood co-op but only online with friends or random players. Below are your options when you start the game: Host a Match: when hosting a match you can choose to play with a friend or allow a random online player join you.

What is the easiest Wolfenstein game? ›

Wolfenstein 3D
  • level 1, "Can I play, Daddy?", the easiest.
  • level 2, "Don't hurt me."
  • level 3, "Bring 'em on!", the default.
  • level 4, "I am Death incarnate!", the hardest.

What happened to blazkowicz? ›

In a nod to the Wolfenstein game, his body was decapitated, alluding to the events of Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus, when his decapitated head was placed on a German synthetic body to resurrect him.

Does Wolfenstein 3 take place after Youngblood? ›

Wolfenstein 3 is the final game in the rebooted series that takes place after Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus and Wolfenstein: Youngblood. The game will finish the trilogy. It will be developed by MachineGames and be published by Bethesda Softworks.

Did Wolfenstein sell in Germany? ›

Raven's Wolfenstein has been pulled from sale in Germany after Activision realized Nazi iconography was still present in the German version -- swastikas are forbidden from appearing in games in the country.

What happens if you sacrifice Fergus? ›

Choose to sacrifice Fergus and you will be rewarded with a very loyal companion in Wyatt. Much more mild-mannered than Fergus, Wyatt will get along with most everyone aboard the Evas Hammer. It seems that Wyatt has taken up a new hobby.


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